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Come near me again, and I'll just poison you so badly you won't even realize you're done for.

Acanthus, ...And the Clock Starts Ticking

Type Ventus Acanthus
First appearance ...And the Clock Starts Ticking
Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
Power 1200 (RP) G
Variations Acanthus
Brawler TBA
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Acanthus is an evil Ventus Bakugan of the Abyss Brigade.


Acanthus is extremely knowledgeable, and is a supreme tactician in battle. These qualities make him extremely dangerous to even the mightiest of foes. If that is not enough, his plant-like body structure and spikes contain poison in them that paralyzes the victim(s) on contact. Acanthus' eye can also shoot beams of energy that can almost pulverize an opponent.


Acanthus is vast with knowledge, and is also quite wise. He is also very vicious in battle, however, and is extremely cunning. Acanthus also does not enjoy showing any emotions to his opponents, for he believes that emotions make other battlers weak.


Bakugan: Code ChronicleEdit

Acanthus makes his debut in ...And the Clock Starts Ticking upon being used by Immanis in a battle against Trick Snapzoid.

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  • His name came from the acanthus plant, which is ironic since despite being a Ventus Bakugan, Acanthus is a plant-like monster.