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Abigail Bennett
Portrayer DeltaStriker
Physical description
Age 11 Years
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark Navy Blue
Personal information
Allies Maxine Bennett, Tyler Jones
Enemies Avelon, The Destroyer
Weapon of choice Quick Thinking
Main attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Guardian Bakugan None
Chronological and political information
Position Student
Aliases Abby
Affiliation United States of America
First Appearance Rise of the Dragans, Part 1
Themes TBA
Current level: 1,296

Abigail Stacy Bennett is a Sixth Grade student at Walden Preparatory School in Jasper, Nevada. She is a Darkus Specialist and younger sister of Maxine Bennett.



Personality and TraitsEdit

Abigail is playful and mischievous, always searching for a way to cause trouble. She is incredibly intelligent, getting all As each semester. However, this means she is much more likely to get away with her practical jokes then the average student.

Abby is romantically involved with Tyler Jones, a fellow classmate and next door neighbor. Their relationship is testy at best, with Tyler's cautious nature often getting in the way of Abby's crazy schemes. However, they actually do care about each other and strive to keep their premature relationship afloat.

Abilities and GearEdit

Abigail always carries three full teams of Bakugan in clips on her belt, always ready for anything. She has modified a watch to work as Gauntlet, allowing her to carry it around with her everywhere. She refuses to carry a launcher, claiming that "they're for the weak armed." She also carries a handheld Datahub.



  • Both Max and Tyler have constantly tried to get Abby to reproduce and sell her 'Watch Gauntlet', seeing as they are more practical then the bulk things sold by retailers. However, Abby has made no plans to do such a thing at this time.

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