ARK VS Interspace
Season Bakugan: Dimensions Surge
Episode Number 9
Preceeded By Dr. WHO?
Followed By Demonis Rising!
ARK VS Interspace is episode 9 of Season 1.


Firestormblaze and Airzel-of-haos arrived just in time to help PG and Neos against Zeal and his party. They all escape when a giant jet arrives and they all jump on it, leaving Dr. Zeal and his crew in the dust. Turns out, Bendo and Wolf are flying the jet and they fly out of Interspace into space where Neos totally freaks out. Bendo says that he's taking them to a place he's been working on ever since Bakugan Dimensions closed. He calls it the ARK and it's home to every single creation of Bendo's up to this point. Since Interspace is being destroyed by Dr. Zeal's rogue Bakugan, Bendo tells everyone that he has created a seperate Battle Arena where he transfered all of the rogue Bakugan and the Bakugan he made on the ARK so they can all battle it out there. Dr. Zeal learns of this once he realizes that all of his rogue Bakugan disappeared and he tracks the Battle Arena and takes his crew over to help out his evil Bakugan. Neos and his friends also go to the arena as well and a huge battle breaks out.

Bakugan SeenEdit

  • Haos Knight
  • Haos Thunder
  • Pyrus Roman
  • Pyrus Flare
  • Pyrus Storm Dragonoid
  • Pyrus Blitz Dragonoid
  • Pyrus Coredem
  • Hunter Phos
  • Pyrus Spatterix
  • Pyrus Vertexx
  • Darkus Shade
  • Darkus Dartaak
  • Darkus Infinity Helios
  • Pyrus Taylean
  • Ventus Skytruss
  • Ventus Ziperator
  • Aquos Infinity Helios
  • Haos Spyron
  • Darkus Orbeum
  • Pyrus Aerogan
  • Aquos Skytruss
  • Ventus Jaakor
  • Subterra Radizen
  • Large amounts of ARK Bakugan
  • Large amounts of Zeal Bakugan

Characters SeenEdit

  • FinalNeos
  • Airzel-of-haos
  • Bendo
  • Firestormblaze
  • Dr. Zeal
  • Faze
  • Trip
  • Adison
  • Galaxy
  • Layla
  • Winx
  • PyrusGuardian
  • TheWolf1

Mechtogan SeenEdit

  • Haos Faser Titan
  • Darkus Slycerak
  • Pyrus Sky Sprint
  • Aquos Vexfist
  • Ventus Exostriker
  • Subterra Rockfist
  • Demonis Dreadeon
  • Pyrus Titan Z

BakuNano/Battle Gear Seen/DebutEdit

  • Silver Bombaplode
  • Gold Battle Sabre
  • Gold Battle Crusher
  • Silver Slicerix


  • Neo Brawlers VS Zeal Brawlers = Continued to the next episode


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