...And the Clock Starts Ticking
Season 1
Episode Number 1
Preceeded By None
Followed By Puzzles

...And the Clock Starts Ticking is the first episode of Season One of Bakugan: Code Chronicle, and the first episode of the overall series.


The episode begins with Valentin attending a nighttime Bakugan carnival with his friends. He has lost them in a crowd, and is assisted by Trick Snapzoid in finding them. The two then feel the ground shake, and watch in horror as a huge, plant-like monster attacks the carnival.

Upon learning that the monster is really a Bakugan, Valentin and Snapzoid challenge the Bakugan. The Bakugan recognizes Valentin and Snapzoid, and asks why their "brave friend" Leonidas is not with them. Valentin responds with "He's got his own duties, ya know", and throws a closed Trick Snapzoid.

Snapz and the Bakugan engage in battle. As they battle, a man appears from the shadows of a carnival game. He introduces himself as Immanis to Valentin and a massive shocked crowd of Bakugan in Ball Form and people. He then announces that they are his captives, but Valentin throws himself at the villain. However, he is knocked aside.

With Valentin out, Snapz is helpless in the grip of his opponent, whose name is revealed to be Acanthus. However, just when the heroic Snapzoid is about to lose, Valentin wakes up and activates an Ability Card that saves Snapzoid from Acanthus' poison. However, because of the strain, Valentin faints and Snapzoid is defeated by Acanthus.

Just when Acanthus is about finish off Valentin and Snapzoid, a Darkus-colored Coredem appears out of a purple flash. He introduces himself as Shade, and also introduces his partner as Airzel-of-Haos. There is another flash, and a Pyrus Spatterix appears. This Spatterix, however, is female, and introduces herself as Anathema. She, in turn, introduces her partner as Bendo. Anathema and Shade then combine their powers and go into sync, and focus all of their power on Acanthus. The two then defeat him as Airzel-of-Haos and Bendo rescue Valentin and Snapz from a collapsing building.

Acanthus reverts to Ball Form and is obtained by Immanis. Acanthus transports away as Immanis glows and transforms into a massive creature. He then reveals that he is also a Bakugan like Acanthus, Snapz, Anathema, and Shade. Immanis then returns to his human form and begins to teleport away. As he does, he tells Valentin some ominous words - "The clock has started ticking". The villain then cackles and is completely gone as the clock tower in the center of the carnival moves the hour hand on the Roman numeral version of twelve.


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